Lana Abdullah Alghamdi

Research Associate
KACST-UC Berkeley Center of Excellence of Nanomaterial for Clean Energy applications (CENCEA)

Lana is research associate at KACST-UC Berkeley Center of Excellence of Nanomaterial for Clean Energy Applications. CENCEA is developing the science and applications of precise assembly of materials by the molecular building block approach. Currently, Lana’s research focus on the synthesis of new classes of porous crystals such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs), and covalent organic frameworks (COFs). Furthermore, studied for their applications to clean energy storage and generation and clean water generation and delivery.

Lana received her master degree from George Mason University, USA in Chemistry. She worked with Dr. George Mushrush, “Petroleum Professor at George Mason University, USA” on her research “Direct Conversion of Agricultural Oils to Hydrocarbons”.  The research was about synthesize hydrocarbons from agriculture oils and then determine the hydrocarbon chain length generated and their percentage composition. This is significant because the number of carbons in a hydrocarbon chain dictate which kind of fuel source would be synthesized (gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuels).

In addition, she worked with Dr. Joseph Marr (Chemical Engineering Professor in GMU) to write and present literature review about “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Eliminate Waste: The Dark Side of Using Waste to Energy Programs”. This research paper compered and discussed three strategies that could develop and improve WTE programs by reducing soot emissions that causes many health and environmental problems. Also, this paper suggested different points to improve control the formation of soot chemically. Moreover, Lana got scholarly awards from Bridge Program, GMU.